There HAD to be a BETTER way!

There HAD to be a BETTER way!

  • 28 May 2015

I used to hate shaving. When I didn't shave I looked like a hippie. When I did have it looked as if a blind ninja used my face as a target for knife throwing...

My father taught me to shave with a 5 blade monster. My biggest problem was that it left me with a crappy shave. It was quick, but it was painful and rough. I'd always think "there HAS to be a better way to shave."

So over the next few years, I went along with the blade space race, switching to the "new technology" swivel, steer, Ultra, turbo, electric.... Basically, any new blade that came onto the market. After a while, I realized it was just a thousand ways to stick metal sticks on plastic. The only other thing they all had in common was that they all always gave me a crappy shave.

Finally, I found a solution so good it has to be written in capital letters, a solution that saves me money (I don't mean a few cents, I mean a LOT of money) and gave me the BEST SHAVE OF MY LIFE. If today was my last day to live, I would legitimately make my last words:


Wet Shaving, put simply, is how your grandpa used to shave. Wet shaving was a simpler era of shaving where all razors used to be fairly straightforward pieces of aluminum with one blade inside. This one blade design allows for a simple, cheap, and cut free shave.

After years of enjoying this amazing shave, and seeing everyone I know suffer from 30 blade time machines, I decided to spread my love for the wet shave through articles. Soon the wet shave became popular, people started switching to the Wet Shave, but then something fatal happened, my old reliable razor broke! I went online to find a replacement, but I realized that all the one blade razors out there were just cheap, unreliable, crap. I had to spend almost $200 for a quality razor!

So after lots of thought, I decided to start a company that would give people a quality razor for an affordable price. I wanted to sell a product that would last, so I upgraded the classic razor from its original metal design to a durable metal alloy that would still get me the save I wanted... After many years of work, Bigfoot Shaves was launched.

Today my hope is that you will stop torturing yourselves every morning, and join me in switching to the stress-free, simple, and just an overall better way to shave.

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