Buying Razor Blades Online

Buying Razor Blades Online

  • 26 Jun 2017

More of the retail shopping is conducted online. Shaving products are no exception.  Blades are an especially popular item to purchase online.  In the era where start-up companies such as Dollar Shave Club and Harry's are disrupting Status Quo Ante, Big Razor companies are responding by putting their own online retailing.  Gillette purchased Dollar Shave Club and also introduced Gillette's own version of shave club.

With all these changes, buying razor blades online have become more and more popular. Who would not want the convenience of getting fresh razor blades delivered right to your doorstep?

Safety razor blades are no exception.  With this revolution in shaving, merchants have responded by bringing many new brands to the market.  There are a lot of choices when it comes to purchasing blades online. With the choice comes the risk of purchasing "wrong" blades.

We'd like to provide a brief guide for making choices when it comes to purchasing blades.

Cartridge razors (multi-blade razors), use the same cheaper materials to make their blades. They rely on the redundancy of blades and also the pressure shaver applies.  By contrast, double edge razor blades use higher quality materials.  Since there is only one blade, it is very important to make sure you pick the right blade.

Double edge safety razor blades vary in sharpness.  It is by design to cater to different preferences of customers. Some customers prefer sharp blades while some prefer a milder version.  Neither option is good or bad - the choice should depend on what suits your skin the best.

We keep Bigfoot Shaves blades in the mild to the mid-sharp range.  This is by design as many of our customers are the first time safety razor users.  We want to cater to them and make sure they have a good experience.

We provide a starter pack of blades to get you started right away.  If you like them, you can purchase the razor blades online.  We will deliver them directly to your doorstep.  If you find our blades either too mild or too sharp, you should purchase a variety pack of blades and try a few blades to pick the right blade for you.  There is no substitute for trying blades for yourself.

Let the shave revolution continue!


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