Extraordinary Benefits of Clean-Shaven Skin for Men

Extraordinary Benefits of Clean-Shaven Skin for Men

  • 24 May 2017

Younger More Attractive Appearance

Using a razor – which scraping a piece of sharp metal on your face – removes dead cells, exfoliates skin and keeps the face looking younger.  So, shaving those whiskers will also shave years off your appearance.  Shaving with an old fashioned razor is the best way to shave without razor burn and get that youthful looks.

Women Prefer Gentlemen with Silky Smooth Skin

Surveys show that many women rate men with smooth skin to be more attractive compared to their hairy counterparts.

Shaving in the Morning Can Increase Productivity

Having a predictable morning routine increases productivity.  Shaving is one of those rituals that will wake you up and keeps your productive throughout the day.  Like having coffee and working out, shaving helps you have a productive day. 

Better chances at a Job Interview

Are you looking for a job?  Surveys of HR professionals show that hiring managers seem to prefer a clean-shaven look.  It may be unfair to judge a goateed person to be less capable than a clean-shaven person.   But, hey, no one ever said life is fair!!

Now that we know the benefits of shaving, let us talk about the best way to shave and get the most comfortable shave

Multiple blades are known to cause many issues. Problems with multi-blade razors such as Gillette are, blades get dull and tug and pull on beard whiskers.  They can cause ingrown hairs and razor burn.  One blade old fashioned razor solves these issues.  Old fashioned razors are sharp (and very cheap to replace as they dull) and will not tug on hair whiskers.  In addition, since the one blade razor cuts the hair clean and close to the skin eliminating the ingrown hair.  Old fashioned razors are also great for sensitive skin or if you have a rough neck!!

You also might want to check the Double Edge Safety Razor.


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