How to Choose a Double Edge Safety Razor?

How to Choose a Double Edge Safety Razor?

  • 19 Jul 2017

Choosing between the different types of double edge safety razors can be a little confusing. 1-, 2- or 3-piece, butterfly, open or closed comb, adjustable, straight or slant? Forget all the jargon, you just want something that works, keeps you clean and don't need you to take a second mortgage.  

For those new to wet shaving, a double edge safety razors uses a single blade with two cutting edges that are guided against the skin with a double edge razor.

I am hoping this little article will help you make your morning a little brighter.  

In any razor, there are 2 parts - Head and handle. 

Head:  The size, shape, and weight of the razor’s head play the largest role in differentiating one razor from another.  The weight of the head works with the gravity to guide the razor with the blade on your face.  A safety razor does not need any pressure from the user. 

Handle:  The handle should give you a comfortable hold.  Too heavy a handle could hurt someone with arthritis.  In addition, textured grip handles help with the hold as the hands are wet during shaving.  However, it is a good idea to keep a towel to wipe your hands dry a couple of times during the shave.

So, there you have it.  Look at the head and the handle and choose your safety razor.

In future articles, we will talk about differences between 1, 2, and 3 piece razors and other variations in razors.

A safety razor is made with a bar that conceals most of the blade while still exposing a small portion of cutting. Conventional safety razors obtained their name for being more secure compared to the conventional straight razor, which has 100% of the blade revealed. While Nicks, as well as cuts, are still an opportunity, as soon as you have actually discovered the appropriate set up and also a method, the danger of mishaps is dramatically decreased as the advantages are enhanced.

As formerly stated, when utilizing a safety razor the stainless-steel (or carbon steel blade) is held in between 2 plates with a tiny section of the blade revealed for cutting. Prior to you start cutting, see to it the blade is positioned effectively as well as is totally protected. Although it prevails feeling, stay clear of the sharp sides as high as feasible when taking care of the blade. As soon as the blade is safeguarded, it needs to end up being stiff as it somewhat flexes over the edge of the bottom plate.

While blades, razors, as well as strategies, vary, it is typically advised to execute 2-3 passes to accomplish the cut you need. Prior to you start cutting, scrub your hand throughout your face and also neck to find out the instructions of your hair development. It is most likely that some spots could vary from others.

For your initial pass, you desire to choose the grain (WTG) or the instructions where your hair expands. As soon as finished, lather your face once more for the 2nd pass throughout the grain (XTG). While some do not advise going against the grain (ATG), there are seasoned razors that will periodically do so throughout their last pass. ATG can be hostile on the skin as well as if you are intending to cut the complying with day or 2 days after, it is generally not suggested as your skin needs healing time. Likewise, if you have particular places that are extra susceptible to ingrown hairs, prevent going ATG in those particular locations. Or else, if you are a person that cuts daily, it is best to cut WTG and also XTG.

When you initially begin it might take a couple of attempts to obtain the correct angle as well as method. Typically you intend to attempt as well as go for a 30-45 level angle. Prior to any type of cut see to it to effectively prepare your skin to stop razor melt and also irritability. When your prep work is understood and also you have the ability to cut WTG as well as XTG without irritability, after that you could relocate to the last ATG pass if preferred.

Razor Cost: Although you could get a DE safety razor for under $20 as well as a cartridge razor for under $15, cartridge razors could, in fact, be a lot more expensive over time. Although the preliminary rate of a cartridge razor is less costly compared to a DE safety razor, the cash invested in a pack of substitute cartridges is a great deal compared with a pack of DE blades. While costs differ, a 100-pack of DE blades can be located for around $10. As a result, paying added for the preliminary price of a DE safety razor is absolutely nothing as compared to the quantity you would certainly need to invest in cartridges over an extensive time period.

Single-blade Security Razors Reduce Cutting Irritability: Other than rate, numerous males that have actually made the button to DE safety razors proclaim that there is little to no drawing or yanking. In addition, those that made use of to fight with razor melt, bumps as well as in-grown hairs saw a considerable decrease in inflammation. As opposed to the pulling triggered by numerous cartridge blades, the sharp, tidy implementation of one DE blade enables an extra comfy as well as reliable cut with much less stress on the skin.

Standard Safety and Security Razors Generate Much less Waste: Besides your shaving lotion down the tubes, when cutting with a dual side safety razor, the only waste you will certainly have is the little steel blade as well as the item of safety paper. DE blades could additionally be reused makings a safety razor an eco-friendly choice, specifically because it could last for generations ahead. It might additionally be smart to acquire a razor blade financial institution so you could securely take care of your dual side blades. Razor blade financial institutions are reduced in price and also are developed for you to save your utilized DE razor blades so they are not precariously drifting about in your trash. As soon as the blade space is complete, merely take care of it as well as begin again with a brand-new one.

Accomplish a Much better Cut With a Single-blade Safety Razor: DE blades are fairly sharp as well as several DE safety razors have a suitable quantity of weight on them as compared to cartridge razors. This mix of intensity, as well as weight, conserve you from needing to use a great deal of stress to your skin, which has actually been recognized to trigger inflammation. To enhance and also enhance your guys' brushing experience, throw your barbacoa as well as choose a top quality cut lotion or soap. If you have not currently, you could additionally wish to include a great pre-shave, an alcohol or alcohol-free aftershave, together with a cut brush in order to help scrub as well as prepare the skin by raising the hairs.


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