Is Single Blade Good For Beard Cutting?

Is Single Blade Good For Beard Cutting?

  • 27 Jul 2017

Single Blade shave

In the last few years, the trend has been for safety razor manufacturers to pack ever-greater varieties of blades into their blades. However, if you are searching for a comfortable shave that helps in reducing the risk of your skin getting full with razor bumps, you may want to consider using fewer blades. Using a single-blade razor, within combination with a top quality pre-shave oil and aftershave cream, can be the best way in order to help reduce razor bumps and enhance your shave overall.


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As several shaving advertisements tell you, for every single stroke you take with a multi-blade razor, the razor blades can pass over your skin several times. The very first blade that passes pulls the hair up, and the second and third blades cut through the hair. The issue is that the blades can result in cutting the hair underneath the skin. While this is one way in order to get a close shave, it also can intensify the risk of the hair getting caught under the skin and becoming ingrown, specifically for men with curly hair. The inflamed hair follicles around the ingrown hairs can swell up to create angry red razor bumps.


Many males who suffer from razor bumps take days off shaving to provide their skin chance to recover. While it very is necessary to allow the razor blade bumps to heal, it also means that the facial beard is longer the next time you pertain to shave. This increases the risk of tugging at the hairs which leads to much more irritation of the hair follicles.


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As opposed to some multi-blade cartridges, a double-edge razor crosses the skin at a gentler angle, cutting precisely through the beard hairs follicles without pulling. The opportunity of ingrown hairs is decreased and the skin prior experience less irritation overall. You don't need to have a razor that trims your hairs under the skin to get a clean-shaven look. The single blade can easily cut through the hair near to the skin, leaving hairs imperceptibly instant helping reduce the risk of ingrown hairs follicles. Add to this the increased skin comfort that you can experience with a single blade, and you'll soon realize that you got an excellent deal indeed.

Just recently, a larger lot of men are using single-blade razors in lieu of multi-blade razor cartridges. As soon as you have mastered the method of shaving with a double-edge razor, you will locate that the Bevel shave system could be very effective at helping in reducing razor bumps and irritation over time.


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Right before shaving, you should consistently wet the deal with warm water to open the pores. Next off, apply a pre-shave oil to soften the beard and lubricate the skin. Work up a generous lather using a high-quality shaving cream as well as a shaving brush. Lather really helps the razor remove hairs when helping reduce the risk of skin irritation.


When you are ready to shave, you need to use the proper strategy when passing the razor blade over your skin. Conventional double-edge razors are developed to glide lightly across the skin at an angle of roughly 30 °; you do not have to apply pressure. Always shave towards hair growth to minimize the risk of razor bumps.


Immediately after shaving, apply an after-shave ointment to soothe the skin and reduce swelling. Your after-shave lotion should contain necessary oils, like tea tree oil and jojoba oil, to reduce the risk of razor bumps and irritation.

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