Is Single Blade Razor Shaving Superior?

Is Single Blade Razor Shaving Superior?

  • 25 May 2017

One of the myths propagated by multi-billion dollar shave tech marketing juggernauts (think multi--blade cartridge shavers produced by Gillette, Schick) is that more blades = better shave.  Leaving aside science, my personal experience and that of thousands of Bigfoot Shaves (and those of other brands) prove that the opposite is true.  More blades are really equaled more irritation, more ingrown hairs, hardened beard and lousier shave over the long run.  

It only takes one sharp blade to give you a close, smooth shave. More blades mean more passes the blades are on your face or shaving area.  For example, someone shaving 3 times a week will shave 12 times in a month.  With a 5 blade cartridge, just 3 shaves result in more passes of the blade on your shaving area that you would in a month with single blade shaver. This results in 4 times more irritation on your face. 

Why are single blade razors much better selection compared to a multi-blade razor?

Provide you much better cut: We are not battling this factor also hard. Yet we do mean to earn it clear that single-blade razors provide you the choice to put in, even more, stress on challenging locations. This stress could be by hand managed as well as you might ensure that you obtain it ideal every single time.

Fairly less expensive compared to multi-blade razor: This is a clear-cut benefit of buying a single-blade razor over a multi-blade razor. Also if does not prosper, you do not encounter a wonderful loss. A lot of single-blade razors, unlike their multi-blade equivalents, are not astronomically valued. This assists a whole lot.

Greater longevity: Single-blade razors of better are created of brass or stainless-steel. This is usually covered with a gorgeous chrome surface. With each other, these make single-blades method stronger compared to multi-blade cartridge razors that are made from plastic and also fiber. You generally improve resilience with the single blades.

Easy cleaning (no obstructions): It obtains extremely tough to tidy multi-blade razors due to the several blades. Hair fragments and also cutting lotion usually obtain blocked in the room in between the blades, making it extremely tough to tidy. This is luckily not the situation with single blade razors that could be opened up in the blade area as well as cleaned up.

Much better for delicate skin: It has actually been well approved that single-blade razors are still much better for delicate skin kinds, in spite of all the development in multi-blade cartridge razors. Actually, just a couple of multi blade-mechanisms that have actually been particularly made job well for delicate skin. If you obtain the very best shaving hanker delicate skin, a great single-blade razor could care for the remainder.


In addition, the quality of steel used to make the blades make big difference.  In general, cartridge razors use cheaper metal to save money.  Remember, for large companies like Gillette, a few pennies per razor adds up to millions of dollars per year.  Single blade razor blades are usually made of high-quality steel.  In addition, if you don't like the shave of one blade, the cost of switching is a few pennies.

This brings us to the cost.  Safety razors last years and you only need to buy blades that cost few pennies a blade.  Even the best single blade razor costs orders of magnitudes lower than Gillette multi-cartridge razors

However you look at it, wet shaving with single blade shaver wins hands down.


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