Old shaving Razor Packs are not only a craze - Just a Superior Shave

Old shaving Razor Packs are not only a craze - Just a Superior Shave

  • 18 Aug 2017

Old shaving Razor Packs are not only a craze

Traditional shaving kits are getting popularity over the previous few years with dedicated on the internet communities of people talking regarding shaving the traditional way. The majority of the moment when people refer to old school razor they are actually referring to a Safety Razor.


Razor was presented in the late 1800's and continued to be the primary kind of shaving tool for much more than 70 years. When cartridge, as well as disposable razors, were developed they rapidly replaced the old school razor. Some people say the reason is purely driven by profit from the razor industrial companies selling costly replacement blades, others claim the new razors are safer so as to use. The reality is perhaps somewhere in the middle.


Over recent few years, we have actually seen a huge movement towards using vintage shaving products from a simpler time. I'm unsure if this is because our lives are actually so fast and complex along with the information age that we appreciate simplicity. It could be that we are becoming more economical and looking for another way to conserve a few dollars. I personally like both simplicity and saving money, so when I learned about these old fashioned razor I just must get my hands on one.


Razor is very easy to find and also relatively inexpensive to get one and commence shaving. I started simply by purchasing a new razor on the internet to see if I would certainly like it and eventually started searching for vintage razors at flea markets and antique stores. My interest in the razors grew enough to start this website and begin manufacturing our own. As a beginner entering traditional shaving you should want to spend from $20-$ 30 for a high-quality razor. I have bought $5 razors before and also the saying "you get what you pay for holds quite real."


After your preliminary investment buying the razor blades is actually dirt low-cost. There are almost all kinds of blades offered with prices as modest as about.10 cents each and for the more pricey blades are around.40 pennies each. That's a BIG savings when comparing it so as to the cartridge safety razor replacements that set you back $3-$ 4 each time. I would suggest starting out with a sampler pack of razor blades and that will grant you the opportunity to try out a selection concerning different blades and find out the blade in which you like one of the most.


The quality of the shave that you get with an old fabricated razor is hands down a far better shave. It's similar to being at the barber shop, yet in the convenience of your own home. There is a discovering curve, however, as soon as you have your technique downward the shaves are a lot more enjoyable and the shave is smoother as well as closer than you can get with a cartridge.


Whether you are seeking to upgrade your shaving program, want to save some amount of money, or just wish to get a bit nostalgic in order to shave like grandpa at that point an old fashioned razor also known as safety razor is probably just what you are looking for. It genuinely turns shaving into an experience and reduced of a chore and I actually delight in my shaving routine rather than dread it.


When we decided to expand our line of product into old school razors we purchased greater than 30 types of razors coming from manufacturers from all over the globe. We wouldn't settle on a poor quality razor, so we kept looking until we discovered a manufacturer that might meet our quality standards and a razor we would be proud of. We are currently happy to offer our 3-piece razor for all of your old-fashioned shaving needs.

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