Why Shave the Old Fashioned Way?

Why Shave the Old Fashioned Way?

  • 14 Jun 2017

Over the last few years, we are bombarded with Shave Club ads.  They claim their razors cost $1 to join.  However, the price goes up to $9 a month to $2 a cartridge (depending on the company).  Granted these are much, much cheaper than the big razor companies.  Big boys shave your bank account along with your stubble.  But, these new breeds of clubs are just a "cheaper" version of the same "new shave tech".  Scared by this new breed of companies, even Gillette rolled out its own version of the club.

But, you don't have to worry about any "club memberships" to get the savings.  You just have to ditch the new shave tech and go to old fashioned shaving.

Here are a few reasons to switch to simpler and time-tested razor technology.

1. Double Edge Safety Razor Blades Are Much Cheaper

No matter cartridge shaving or old fashioned double edge shaving, you have to buy replacement blades.  This is a place safety razors shine.

The blades for a double edge razor come out to anywhere from $0.10 - $0.40 per blade.  Most people get about 3 shaves per blade.  So, each shave will cost you $0.03 to $0.13 per shave.

Compare this to Gillette or Schick cartridges costing anywhere from $25 - $40 per 5 unit pack.  That is nearly 50X more expensive compared to old fashioned shaving.  And you thought a trip to Starbucks was expensive!

2.  The Double Edge Safety Razor Gives You A Better Shave

5 blade or vibrating blade cartridge makes for a good ad and marketing technique but, 1 blade is all you really need to get a good clean shave. Ask any wet shaver who uses a double edge razor (3Piece style or butterfly style) and they will tell you that they would never go back to cartridge shaving - including yours truly.

Double edge safety razors even give you a better shave without the hassle of skin irritation, razor bumps and are usually great for sensitive skin.

3.  Less Burn and More Control

When you shave with a multi-blade cartridge razor you have to exert pressure to get a good shave.  Unfortunately, this causes issues such as razor burn, razor bumps, and skin irritation. However, the weight of the razor does the job for double edge safety razors.  The shaver does not need to apply pressure.  In addition, depending on face contours the shaver can control the angle.

The best ways to Pick Your Razor

There are 2 sorts of razors that are most typically utilized in wet-shaving: straight razors and also security razors. A straight razor has a take care of as well as a lengthy blade, and also the blade is irreversible yet has to be honed frequently. Lots of seasoned razors pick the straight razor once they fit with the technique. The various other choice is the security razor that includes an exchangeable blade. Usually, the utilized blade must be changed with a brand-new one after you have actually been cutting for a couple of weeks. Numerous first-timers select the safety and security razor since it is a little simpler to utilize.

Selecting the Scuttle as well as the Brush

The scuttle is the dish that is utilized to lather up the cutting soap. You could spend a little cash and also obtain a lovely vintage scuttle, or you could merely make use of a mug that is of a comparable dimension to a regular scuttle. You will certainly likewise require a bristle cutting brush.

Picking the Cutting Soap

Cutting soaps are much gentler on the skin compared to cutting foams and also various other readily made cutting items. The Tadé Savon de Rasage - Cutting Soap with Laurel Oil is made with olive oil, a conventional active ingredient in top quality soaps. It likewise consists of laurel oil, an all-natural anti-bacterial. The mix of olive as well as laurel oils aids to prepare the skin for the wet-shave procedure.

Laurel oil additionally consists of a lot of necessary fats which aid to advertise a much healthier as well as softer skin. The Tadé Savon de Rasage - Cutting Soap with Laurel Oil is perfect for delicate skin kinds that could be aggravated by industrial shaving items. This shaving soap does not consist of man-made compounds, such as salt laureth sulphates, chemicals or colorings.

Ways to Start with the Wet-Shave Approach

1. The skin should be moisturized prior to the cut, so begin by softening your skin with cozy water and also soap blended right into a soap. Include warm water right into your scuttle (dish) along with some cutting soap, as well as utilize your brush to whip it up right into a soap. After that make use of the brush to use the soap on your face. You require just a little soap for each and every cut.

2. When you begin cutting, removal the razor gradually on your skin, complying with the instructions of the hair circulation. It could spend some time to discover the excellent stress for cutting so hold your horses. It is occasionally advised that the razor ought to be held at a 30 level angle.

3. Wash your razor usually to get rid of hair and also soap, and afterward proceed cutting. See to it that your skin is hydrated with the soapy soap regularly.

4. To end up the regular, get rid of any type of deposit of hair as well as cutting soap using very first warm and after that chilly water. Make use of an all-natural moisturizer or an all-natural aftershave or balm to complete the therapy. Constantly wash your razor completely after that, as well as make certain to develop or change the blades every couple of weeks.

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