Why Single Blade Razor is Better than Multiple Blade Razor?

Why Single Blade Razor is Better than Multiple Blade Razor?

  • 03 Mar 2017

single blade razor

Many people are asking whether shaving with single blade razor is better than the multi blade razor. Thus, it is very important to appraise the beneficial elements each kind of razor.

Single Blade Shaver greatly reduces the incidence of ingrown hairs. Many long time cartridge / multi blade users are now shifting to Single Blade Shaver to help prevent irritation and skin problems

Safety razors or one blade razors use a single stainless steel blade so it does not clog. In addition, it does not clog your pores as it is not dragging hair stuck in one of the “other blades”. The One Blade Razor can cut through the hair close to the skin, leave hairs short and help reduce the risk of ingrown hairs or razor bumps.

With the use of One Blade Shaver, one can get a much cleaner shave, and it treat the skin gently. Yes, the Multiple Blade Razor costs more in the longer run than high quality One Blade Razor.

A blade for Single Blade Razor is cheaper than the replaceable cartridges of the Multi Blade Razor. Thus, One Blade Razor is easier on your wallet and you can get a fresh blade anytime you like without breaking the bank.

Even today, most professional barbers still use Single Blade Shaver for themselves and their clients. That should tell you something!!

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