Why Traditional Double Edge Shaving is Better than Modern Day Shaving?

Why Traditional Double Edge Shaving is Better than Modern Day Shaving?

  • 03 Mar 2017

There are so many shaving products available in today’s market. Why should you not choose Gillette or other multi-blade option? After all those glitzy ads will tell you that they give the smoothest shave ever. Right?

Wrong!! As many men newly switched from cartridge shaving to safety razor shaving will attest, all that is new is not always better, especially when it comes to shaving.

First of all, the traditional shaving or the double edge shaving is way cheaper than the modern day cartridge shaving or the safety razor shaving. The average price for a pack of 4 cartridge runs about $15. I myself used to shave with a Gillette 5 blade razor and each cartridge lasted about 3 - 6 shaves or a week to 2 weeks depending on your shaving frequency. While you do invest a little more upfront in the safety razor, blades run you anywhere from $0.10 to $0.90. Safety razor shaving will save the consumer hundreds of dollars each year. That is a massive difference right there.

Is pricier options offer better shaving experience? Is cheaper traditional shaving offer poor experience? If you listen to the tens of thousands of men (and women) participating in the new shaving renaissance, you will see that traditional shaving offers much superior shaving experience.

Safety razor shaving does involve some learning curve but, once you are past that traditional shaving offers far superior experience.

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