About Us

Welcome to Bigfoot Shaves! Home of the greatest Razor known to Bigfoot (and Man) kind!

Our Mission is, and always has been, to give you the greatest shave possible.

For over hundred years Soldiers, Movie Stars even Presidents shaved with one blade razors. Bigfoot Shaves classic old school safety razor blade will take you back to an era when men were men.My Dad and Granddad shaved with single blade. Today men all over the US and the world are throwing away the “modern” razors and re-discovering classic shave. Afterall Father Knows Best!!

Of Course, our Fathers and Grand fathers did not have the convenience of buying Bigfoot Razor and Razor Blades and wet shaving supplies online and shipped to their home directly!!!

3Piece one blade razors do not have any moving parts and the entire razor disassembles for easy cleaning. It takes a few seconds to open and put the blade in but, once you get used to it you will never go back to either cheap plastic razors or multi-blade razors.

Twist To Open (TTO) or Butterfly Razors are for those who want a modern “twist” to the classic old school shave. The screw at the bottom twists to open the head of the shaver and the blade is inserted. Loading the blade is a snap and cleaning is easy-peasy!!

Cheap plastic razors give you razor burn and barely last a few shaves before you have throw them away. Cartridge razors cost a fortune. They shave great in the beginning but, you have to keep increasing the blade count to get good shaves. In addition, the multi-blades get clogged after a couple of shaves! YUCK!

With Bigfoot Shaves classic 3Piece or Butterfly razors, you get best of both worlds. You get great, smooth shave without razor burn today. You can say goodbye to razor burn or burning a hole in your pocket.

Smart, Savvy people are choosing to go with simple, effective solution for shaving that worked well for over hundred years and for good reason.  By using a simple one blade double edge, safety razor, you will have smooth shave and you won't spend a fortune getting it.

Whether you are a "softie" or a "rough neck" Bigfoot Shaves gives you smooth, clean shave day after day!

Make your morning chore of shaving into an enjoyable experience with Bigfoot Shaves razor and blades.  Get the barber shop experience right in your home.