Customer Testimonials

What people are saying about us..

Robert:  "I absolutely love this Bigfoot Shaves Double Edge One Blade Safety Razor. I have been using a triple-blade disposable razor for many years and I always hated shaving because of how raw and embarrassingly red my face gets after shaving. My face was left painfully beet-red for three or four days and I couldn't shave during that time. It was a hassle and a chore. But No longer."

Andrew:  "I shopped around extensively for a great safety razor so I could learn to use a safety razor and save considerably over cartridge razors. Chuck at Bigfoot Shaves is outstanding and his product is top notch. I choose the 'gleaming gold' color because it has a timeless look but stands out a little more than the typical silver or chrome style. I look forward to buying razors for my brothers and father from Chuck."

Mateo:  "I've got to say.... since switching from cartridges to double edge, shaving has been quite an experience like I should've done this a few years ago! Buying the blades can be found in select stores or right here online, with about 10 to 18 cents a blade, compared to the average $15-$45 cartridge packs. This razor has quality behind the materials and did I mention shine??? Will definitely buy again! Oh, and I think having a variety of color schemes would do well too? Just a suggestion.”

Wendy:  "Brought back memories to my husband's days in the Army."